Tracking Transmitter XFM1

Crystal controlled 147.455 MHz FM transmitter


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The XFM1 transmitter is a crystal controlled tone modulated FM transmitter designed for model rockets locating but suitable for wildlife, balloons and many other applications requiring a small, frequency stable FM transmitter. Use this transmitter with a scanner or 2 meter amateur radio receiver. Transmitter ground range is approximately 400 yards (5 feet above ground) . Field tests were done with a ICOM IC-W32A transceiver with 0.16 micro volts of receiver sensitivity through the standard 8 inch antenna. Air to ground transmissions can improve range significantly (several miles) as will a directional high gain antenna or a more sensitive receiver.

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XFM1 Tracking Transmitter for 147.455 MHz Kit (2 meter ham band)... $15.00 USD  
(if no call sign is entered below, "XFM1" will be transmitted)
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Frequency   147.455 147.460 Mhz - Crystal controlled.  2 meter ham band
Mode   FM
Transmission 15 beeps followed by call sign or "XFM1" in Morse code
Size   2x5/8
Antenna   12 inch, can be coiled
Weight 8 grams (0.3 oz) includes batteries
Battery life (using 2 BR1632 batteries)   4 days
Ground Range with counterpoise   1200 feet (5 feet above ground)
Air range   many miles (depends on receiver, antenna and altitude)
Use   Model rocket, model aircraft, balloons, wild life locating
Receiver   2-meter (144 148 MHz) receiver with at least 0.16 micro volts sensitivity
Receiver Antenna   directional antenna recommended but not required.
Other   Knowledge of radio direction finding
Other   standard through-the-hole components

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